Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kid Invention: Portable Lead Detection Device

A younger version of myself, I remember walking into our local Radio Shack and browsing the aisle of transistors, cables, connectors and imagining what I could build with these seemingly low cost materials. Today, I can easily spend a lot of money in Fry's if the opportunity presents itself. And then there is the Raspberry Pi, and the thousand of applications to make with a computer that fit's in the palm of my hand for $30...

This story just warms my heart...

Here is a student who identified a need, thought about what she could do about the situation and made something to remedy the need with the materials available. Outside of realm Curriculum and Instruction lies the world of Imagination and Creativity. I think that kids are able to access this much easier than adults.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Power of Audio in the Classroom

The podcast is making a comeback as a way to feature and present student work these days. On Saturday, October 7, Roland Aichele gave a presentation titled The Power of Audio in the Classroom at the East Bay Fall CUE conference. Below are the slides to his presentation » fascinating stuff here!

On Slide 10 is a list of software applications used to make Podcast. Here at St. John the Baptist School, we currently have a site license for Soundtrap. Let me know if you'd like your students to have an account and we can very easily set it up!