Thursday, November 30, 2017

Personalized Learning: Intuition or Common Sense

"Personalized Learning"
It appears this is yet the latest edu-speak buzz word out here in the landscape of Education. As many of us sense: hasn't this idea - and others - been around before? I took it upon myself to learn, write and submit a Math computer program (wrote about this experience here) to the regional Science fair in San Diego when I was in 5th grade.
Was I taking a computer science class in elementary school? No. Was there a teacher to call upon when I ran into difficulty? No. Better yet, did I 'google' any issues along the path of finishing the project? Ha! In the early 80s our concept of the internet was best explained by the film War Games.
This project was truly a personalized, individual learning experience that held my attention for the better half of a summer before entering 6th grade.
Enough about me... I came across this article about middle school students using their technology outside of school to direct their own learning experiences, which you can read here.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Make a Music video over any Subject

Given the resources that are available here at St. John the Baptist School, making a video like this is relatively easy to do. The students in grade 6-8 all have Soundtrap and WeVideo accounts that run from their Chromebooks and save projects & media in their Drive. Students in grades K-5 have Garageband and iMovie on the iPads.
Here is an example: